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Increase your hotel guests' satisfaction by 25% with a hospitality technology solution.

Updated: May 17, 2023

Increase Guest Satisfaction by 25%

The hospitality industry is a vast and ever-evolving sphere that encompasses multiple sectors, like accommodation, recreation, travel, and entertainment. Keeping up with the latest trends in the industry can sometimes be challenging due to the abundance of data and insights that business owners must consider. Fortunately, there are several solutions available at our disposal that can help improve your guest experience immensely. We provide the unique opportunity to access top solution on improving hospitality businesses and capture valuable consumer insights through advanced analytics. Our cutting-edge technology makes it easy for hotel owners to make informed decisions on various features as well as to monitor quality service assurance across various touch points.

Digital Customer  Experience

In today's digital world, travelers are looking for an enhanced digital experience when booking a holiday. According to PWC, 81% of customers wish for a more tech-savvy customer experience from hotel brands. This includes simple, fast, and comfortable offerings that will make their stay more enjoyable and save them time.

Without the latest technology, hotels run the risk of losing up to 81% of travelers. HEPI can help hotels restore their guest satisfaction by providing upgrades to assist them in delivering a more relaxing stay.

Key benefits of enforcing new technology in the hospitality industry.

Implementing the latest technological advances in the hotel industry can help promote higher occupancy rates. The most essential component of this is influencing a customer's travel decision with visually appealing images that are on display, which 54% of people said influenced their decisions when booking a hotel. A deeper analysis revealed that deals (53%), informational content (50%), and helpful reviews (44%) were other key factors that assisted in making a choice. Utilizing modern technology will aid hotels in increasing the number of guests they get, thus giving them an overall better revenue.

Hepi is a hospitality technology provider that enables hotels to provide their guests with an easy and enjoyable experience. Its in-built features help to reduce guest complaints as it provides them with the latest information, entertainment, and services. In addition, it can convert the hotel's TV into a brand promotional platform for guests to view and explore more about the hotel facilities. Moreover, Hepi simplifies the request process for guests by connecting them directly to staff without having to dial for service, saving time and enabling customers to get what they need quickly.

New Technology In Hotel Industry

Increase revenue

Integrating hospitality infotainment solutions into the hotel may help increase sales and revenue multiple times. With hepi's advanced features, guests can book facilities from their room which are displayed to them with the TV. This gives guests a greater insight into all the services a hotel offers, as well as being tempted by a video-based food menu which allows them to order more compared to how much they would before helping customers fulfill their cravings. Therefore, hotels can increase their sales and maximize revenue through this integrated solution.

Reduction in guest complaints

Reduction in guest complaints through the installation of tech in-rooms has made it much easier for guests to have their needs met with just a few clicks on a remote. It also enables records of services to be more efficiently maintained and accessed, resulting in more efficient communication between guests and staff members. As this method is increasingly utilized, it reduces the number of complaints from satisfied customers.

Increase in customer rating services.

It is known that satisfied customer will happily share their experiences with family and friends, which is why word-of-mouth still plays such an important role when it comes to the decision-making process for new guests. Reading reviews and ratings pre-decision-making can be incredibly helpful; after all, who better to trust than those who have already visited and experienced the hotel stay? Good reviews from actual customers can invoke confidence in potential visitors as they put their faith in the reviewers' words, and this strategy works wonders for hotels looking to bring in new guests!


In today's competitive and ever-growing hospitality services, industry, hotels need various tailored tools and resources to provide their guests with the best possible experience. To achieve this, hotels have to offer digital and technological services like AV-based food menus, in-room service requests, and amenities promotions. Hepi has numerous solutions, it is specifically designed for hotels, so that they can improve customer satisfaction, increase revenue, ratings, and reviews, and ultimately attract more customers. Installing new innovative technology will also upgrade the overall hotel brand and ensure guests have a satisfactory stay.

To know more about what features you can put into your business, visit: Top 9 features you need in your hospitality business by 2023

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