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An Immersive In-room Hotel 
Infotainment Solution Delivered at its Best

Future-Proof your Hotel with Revolutionary Hepi Hospitality Solution.

Enhance the Experience of

Guest Room TV Infotainment

For the ultimate guest experience, offer them more than just regular hotel TV with linear channels. Hepi provides the best in-room entertainment solution, allowing guests to enjoy OTT, quickly order and track food, and find details of nearby attractions, upcoming hotel events, and more - all in one place. Provide next-level guest experience & enhance your guest's stay .

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Feature your Services

Display your hotel services and improve your guest's stay with the latest hospitality technology solution. Our solution provides in-room entertainment that makes their experience more convenient and comfortable. With features such as easy access to hotel amenities, spa booking, and laundry services. Is combined with a user-friendly interface for requesting facilities. Your guests won’t have to leave the comfort of their room to request service while enjoying the best IPTV+OTT in-room entertainment.

Introducing the Ultimate Hospitality Solution

Food menu integration - Hepi

Tempting AV-based

Food Menu integration

Facilities and Service Integration - Hepi

Integration of Facilities

and Services

Promote amenities - Hepi

Display and Promotion

of Amenities

Integration Promotion - Hepi

Integration of

Hotel PMS

House Keeping - Hepi

Integration of House

Keeping Request

OTT Content - Hepi

Premium Access to All

OTT Content

Local Content Reception - Hepi

Local Reception & Delivery

of Premium Channels

Near by attraction - Hepi

Information on Near

by Attractions

Dashboard Panel Integration -Hepi

Integration of

Dashboard Panel


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