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Boost Consumer Satisfaction with the latest Infotainment Technology

Boost Customer Satisfaction with Hepi

Guest satisfaction is a bedrock of the hospitality industry, and providing a comfortable stay for guests is paramount. One of the makers of a great stay—be it for business travellers or tourists—is great entertainment. Most hotels have televisions sets in each room to make a guest’s stay more enlivening. However, many do not utilise this to its full potential.

A lack of good entertainment services can drastically reduce a guest’s experience, and hotels are faced with the task of keeping their guests engaged through their stay.

Here’s how hospitality businesses can utilise their television sets to their fullest potential by using Hepi’s infotainment solution for hotels, and boost guest experience exponentially.

  • Hepi’s IPTV Solution for Hotel : With Hepi’s IPTV for hotels, guests can watch their favourite shows from a selection of more than three hundred live channels. Live television is a perennial entertainment favourite with viewers and travellers, and with Hepi’s services, hotels can now cater to their customers’ entertainment demands to the fullest. Further, Hepi’s IPTV services cater to different age and demographic groups, be it kids or older adults. And, with live channels available in various different languages, guests from vastly different places and language groups can be engaged and occupied.

  • OTT Platforms : In this era of online streaming, providing OTT streaming services is an essential means of keeping guests entertained and occupied. With Hepi’s new infotainment and hospitality solution, hotels can provide their guests OTT streaming services in addition to live TV and other services. With our OTT selection, guests can watch the latest and most popular series at their own pace and time, and stream from the latest entertainment section without missing out.

  • Hotel Management Solution : Providing swift and efficient services and responses to requests is key to elevating guest experience in a hotel. instead of having to go through a complicated chain of phoning the reception and waiting a long while for their request to be met, Hepi allows requests for amenity bookings, ordering food, and requesting services to be handled directly, through the convenience of an in-room television set with all services available on the same platform. Hepi helps cut the middleman in these transactions—the reception. This helps requests to be met faster, increasing guest satisfaction, while also leaving the reception free of untenable workloads.

  • Hospitality and Guest Services: Providing a varied array of services such as laundry, food, and amenities like pools and spas, greatly leverage a hotel’s power over the market. Hepi helps in delivering these facilities to guests, in incorporating features for food ordering and amenity booking. Furthermore, Hepi makes availing of these features more efficient, thus reducing the time and hassle. Hepi allows guests to access different services directly from the in-room TV set, without approaching these services from the reception—making hospitality services accessible and efficient, and delivering requests faster, thus increasing guest satisfaction and boosting the hotel’s reputation.

In conclusion, we see that guest satisfaction and a hotel’s success are intrinsically linked. Providing a varied range of services, amenities, provisions for food, and entertainment, all contribute to elevating a guest’s experience. With Hepi’s IPTV for hotels, and OTT streaming services, hotels and stays can provide their guests with a huge array of entertainment options to their guests, and with our state-of-the-art infotainment solution, guests can order food, request services and amenities, all from the same platform, reducing the time taken for the requests to be delivered and recorded and improving a guest’s experience exponentially.


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