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Top 9 Features you need in your Hospitality Business by 2023.

Updated: May 17, 2023

9 Features to Enhance Hospitality Business

In light of the Budget 2023-24 and the drive to boost tourism, hospitality businesses have a unique opportunity to soar to new heights. With significant outlays for air, road, and rail travel and the promotion of 50 new tourism destinations, now is the time for the hospitality industry to capitalize on this opportunity and stay ahead in the future. By embracing modern hospitality solutions and providing guests with an unparalleled experience, businesses in this sector will be well-positioned to outpace their competition and reach great heights. With better technology and enhanced customer service, the hospitality industry can take advantage of this unique opportunity to expand its reach even further and provide tourists with a memorable experience that will keep them coming back for more.

Hotels can now simplify their services with just one solution - Hepi Hospitality Solution, where the in-room TV is turned into a smart infotainment solution. All you need is the top 9 features of this solution to deliver to your guests.

Let's see how this will help in business growth and enhance the guest stay.

Tempting AV-based Food Menu Integration

A video food menu on TV will let the guest browse and check the description of the food, and they can place their order from their room conveniently.

This saves time for the front desk service staff, as they don't have to attend the calls to take the orders and pass the kitchen team.

Incorporation of Hotel PMS

HEPI, a hospitality solution, is an integrated property management system (PMS) software that provides hotel operations with the ability to access and manage their service from anywhere at any time. Through this Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform, hotels can make the most of its benefits to help optimize their operations and ensure efficient customer service.

Local Reception & Delivery of Premium Channels

Seamlessly guests can watch their choice of IPTV show by relaxing in rooms.

Moreover, now make your international guests feel special, by delivering value-added services and providing them with international content from the local edge with content injection.

Also, choose from a range of media and provide your guest with the best and latest IPTV entertainment.

Let your guests go through the services of the hotel and use them in the best way possible. With this, the guest does not need to connect with staff to ask for any details regarding the services and facilities of the hotel.

Integration of House Keeping Request

Guests can ask the housekeeping services at any time they wish to, all they have to do is request the service with just a click on the TV screen.

Time is saved and work is done quickly, as there is no third person to communicate and pass the request.

Information on Nearby Attractions

When a tourist visits any place, he desires to know what are the famous places around and spends his time in search of them. With this, an all-in-one solution gives your guest the information they are looking for.

Guests will feel pleased. It leaves a good impression of your hotel.

Display and Promotion of Amenities

By exhibiting the amenities of the hotel, guests can check the details about it and easily use hotel luxuries.

Premium Access to All OTT Content

Guest can relish their choice of OTT content without having to provide their credentials. This will increase the guest experience and let them enjoy their visit.

Inclusion of Dashboard Panel

Dashboard Panel can manage your subscriptions and STBs for all rooms through a single, easy-to-use dashboard. It supervises the check-in, checkout time of the guest, and handles service requests, food orders, and Overlooks all the service 24*7.

It is the perfect opportunity to leverage your hospitality business and service, as in the coming year the number of tourists is set to increase, and any person looks up to the best hotel before booking their stay. Be a top-notch service provider to your guests with smart technology hospitality solutions, and deliver the top features to your guest so that they remember your hotel for a long time and recommend their family and friends.

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Feb 07, 2023

Very good insight and proposition


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