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4 Biggest Challenges Faced by Hospitality Businesses, and How to Overcome Them.

Hospitality Business Challenges Overcome With Hepi

With the world getting smaller and travel networks expanding exponentially, the hospitality industry faces a surge in opportunities. With the new boom in travel—and demand from potential clients—hotels are faced with the task of harnessing the market to its best advantage. A top-notch guest experience and customer satisfaction is key to any hotel enterprise’s success, and providing this is not without its challenges.

Here are four of the biggest challenges faced by the hospitality industry, and how these can be addressed.

  1. Welcoming Guests: Receiving guests personally can pose a challenge for hotel receptions, especially on occasions when a hotel is swamped with travellers. With Hepi’s innovative software for hotels, it is now possible to greet guests virtually. A personlised welcome note for each individual guest through Hepi’s infotainment and hospitality solution further smoothens the process and makes the visitor feel comfortable and at home. Through all these functions, Hepi helps streamline reception operations and help the business function more efficiently, and increases customer satisfaction, thereby helping to boost the hotel’s revenue.

  2. Features and Facility Bookings: Facilities and Services are a hotel’s lifeline and indispensable to the guest experience. Services like housekeeping, laundry services, and other hotel amenities make a traveller’s stay more effortless, while arrangements for food are an inextricable part of the hotel’s functions—especially arrangements for in-room meals, which are important to the guests’ comfort. Availing these services can be tricky, especially through long and antiquated processes of telephoning at the reception and so on. Furthermore, delays are often difficult to avoid in the provision of these services, and this risks losing the favour and satisfaction of the clientele. Computerising and automating helps streamline these processes, reducing delays and elevating satisfaction. With Hepi, ordering facilities and features becomes swift and hassle-free, all through the convenience of the in-room television set. Furthermore, Hepi revolutionises food ordering with its AV-based food menus which tempt and delight guests. And, with Hepi’s online payment gateway and QR code scanning, it becomes possible for guests to pay directly through the in-room set, thus streamlining the process and ensuring the maximum ease for the hotel and the guests.

  3. Recording and Logistics: As with any business, recording and logistical work is vital to the smooth functioning of hotel businesses. Large influxes of travellers, especially during holiday seasons, pose a challenge to a hotel’s management as it becomes difficult to keep track of all the customers, rooms, accounts, and services demanded. Most hotels have PMS servers in place to deal with these situations. Nevertheless, these activities continue to require large investments of time and effort. With Hepi, such logistical and recording work becomes easy and hassle-free—it becomes possible to track all service requests, be it food or amenities, from a single platform, as well as provide these services in an efficient and seamless manner, instead of the inconvenience of telephone-based ordering and handling all requests through the reception.

  4. Nearby locations: Travelling and sightseeing are among the main incentives for guests to check-in to a hotel, and satisfying a customer’s wanderlust is an essential ingredient to elevating the guest experience. Thus, a good location with sights and attractions nearby, and a good connectivity to and from various locations, is paramount. It can be challenging to always have information about nearby locations and transportation at hand, and handling such information merely from human memory or cumbersome stacks of brochures impedes the smooth flow of hotel operations. Arranging for transportation to and from various locations is also a difficulty for hotels, and hotels which aren’t able to provide their guests with adequate transportation facilities often result in reduced levels guest satisfaction. Hepi has a solution for this as well: with Hepi, you can provide details of nearby locations and tourist sights—including connectivity, the distance to and from various places, and opening and closing times of various venues. Moreover, Hepi’s smart technology allows guests to book transportation and pick-up/drop-off services to and from various nearby locations.

In conclusion:

Hotels face a new and exciting world of opportunities as the numbers of travellers expand unprecedentedly. These new opportunities each come with their own challenges and hospitality business strive to harness and make the most out of them. Hepi helps businesses do just that by providing cost-effective, efficient, and innovative solutions to the above challenges, helping hotels and stays make the most out of their new-found opportunities.


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