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Keep up your Customer's Demands
with Our Services and Win their Hearts.

Enrich your in-room hospitality by allowing your guests to request or schedule any service they need on the go and over the same screen, they can watch their favourite IPTV shows or movies on the OTT platform, without having to flag down the room service staff.

Food and Beverage Ordering_Hepi

Food & Beverage

Enhance the quality of your guest's stay with the tempting video-based menu, where they can conveniently browse and watch the appealing food video. Guests can check the description of the menu, and easily order the food seeing them through the TV.

OTT  Entertainments


Deliver access to high-quality premium content for your guest and help them enjoy their stay watching all popular OTT platforms. Also, they no need to use their credentials to watch their favorite movie.

House Keeping

House Keeping

Housekeeping management service is made easy. Guests can utilize the TV and request restocking room amenities like toiletries, drinking glasses, or room cleaning and making beds, etc.



For hotels looking to provide
top-of-the-line entertainment for guests, IPTV is a great solution. Hotels can offer full HDTV channels in free view or in local and international languages. Enjoy a selection of channels tailored specifically to your hotel environment!

Spa Booking_Hepi

Spa Booking

Provide the guests with complete details about the Spa, its timings, and its facilities. Without needing to visit the spa, they can book a slot on TV and freeze their appointment.

Pick Up And Drop_Hepi

Pick Up and Drop

It makes the guest happy when their time is saved to search for nearby places to visit or the best tourist attractions. Guests can request to access a cab service and book it from the room and save time.

Amenities Booking

Amenities Booking

With the display of amenities, guests can observe the hotel's luxuries, and effortlessly guests can book a Conference Hall, Party Hall, or Pool Area for any meeting, function, or party and enjoy the services of the hotel.

Laundry Service

Laundry Service

The guest can comfortably request laundry service within minutes and get their service done effortlessly. Displaying the service of the hotel increases the POS.



Guests can see the boutiques available in the hotel with the descriptions and timings and check when it is open so that they can visit them accordingly.


The hotels can exhibit their upcoming events on the smart system by which each guest can acknowledge the date and the event. It creates excitement in the guest and makes them visit again.


Front Desk Reception.png

Hotel front desk management can smoothly track the check-in and checkout of the guests, and their accessed services which help to charge the guests accordingly and keep the transaction record.

Front Desk Reception

Review Management.png

With the experience the guests had during the stay, they can share their reviews for the food they ordered with a rating from 1-5 stars, 5 being the highest. As this helps the upcoming guests to place their orders by observing the rating and the hotel's bestseller dish.

Review Management

Payment collection (POS).png

With the smart features in-built, guests can easily check the bill details as they receive the invoice of the bill directly on the screen with the QR code. It helps to save the time of both, hotel management and guests.

Payment collection


Hoteliers can now make their international guests feel special. They can have value-added services for their global guests by providing them with international content from the local edge with content injection.

Local Content 

Local Content  Reception.png
Facility request.png

Allows your guest to request the facilities faster without having to call the front desk for help. They can initiate facilities like an iron box, dental kit, hairdryer, etc for their use with just a click.

Facility request


A revolutionary edge delivery platform that delivers content at the last mile. Content supply is made easy like never before.


Order tracking .png

Tracking the order becomes
un-challenging as the management process gets easier with the automated process. Each order is sent to the respective category. And the status of the order can be easily tracked.


Order History Management.png

Order History Management

Work gets simple, as the system tracks all the order history of each guest in each room, right from the check-in, to food order and services accessed till the checkout. The management has the complete records.

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