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Who are We?

We are Infynect® Labs Private Limited an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) company delivering India's best infotainment solution for Retail, Hotels, and Hospitals that leverage the power of edge computing and data transmission.

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Introducing Hepi:
The Game Changing In-Room Infotainment Service

Our hospitality solution is designed especially for hotels and stays, to help maximize revenue and offer an elevated experience to the guests. Our unique service offers the most comprehensive In-room Entertainment with multiple features that highlight the services and facilities of the hotel. Hepi's Infotainment platform provides guests with next-level entertainment, allowing them to utilize the TV in-room and order food, and requests various amenities and facilities of the hotel. The service is tailored to suit specific needs and provides customers with a seamless user experience to view information, promotional content, entertainment shows, and movies on a single platform.

Hepi transforms the rooms into information and entertainment terminals while offering the latest IPTV and OTT services to the guests.

Delivering the Best
Infotainment Solution.

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