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Important Hospitality Trends for Hoteliers to Keep in Mind.

Updated: May 17, 2023

Hospitality Trends for Hoteliers

As a hotelier, it is critical to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the hospitality and hotel business. This includes understanding the needs of guests and crafting experiences that will benefit them, as well as staying up-to-date on changes in technology that can help make their guest experience smoother or more effective. By keeping these key trends in mind, hotels will be able to remain competitive within the ever-evolving industry of hospitality.

The role of technology in hospitality has drastically extended, and so does the hospitality industry's ability to make guests' experiences unique and memorable. Hoteliers are now merging their businesses with technological trends to increase their revenue by creating new experiences for their visitors. This can include anything from digital check-ins to high-tech room service, or interactive services. These changes are paving the way for a new era in the hotel industry, where modern convenience meets classic service.

Trends that the hospitality industry can incorporate in their hotels:

Wireless Services Request

Hotels can reduce the 50% time of guests by allowing them to directly request any service they want just with a few clicks, without having to pick up the phone and connect with the hotel staff and wait for their response.

In return, the hotel services are displayed and the sales will automatically increase.

Online Video Menu

Presentation of the video food menu on the TV screen will leave guests mouth-watering and they tend to order more. It enhances the overall experience of the guests and raises the number of orders.

Without this, the hotels face difficulty to explain the menu on call to the in-room guest, and it becomes a long way to take the order from the guest and pass it to the kitchen team and deliver it to the guests.

Whereas with AV-based food, menu guests can easily order and track their food.

Virtual Tour

As we observe today 64.4% of the world's population uses technology for a better experience, virtual is the trending term and everyone is adapting to this culture. When a guest visits a hotel they do not know what the hotel amenities and surrounding places are.

Hotels can up-sell their business by showcasing the hotel features and allowing the guest to access and book it from their room. This will lead to an increase in hotel revenue.

Virtually showing the nearby tourist attractions will help them with information, and guests can visit instantly by booking a cab from their hotel room.

Increase Hotel Revenue with Upselling Ideas

By offering various assistance to the guests, hotels can expand their sales multiple times without any difficulty. The latest technology trends merged with the in-room service enhance the quality of the stay.

- Spa Slot Bookings

Guests can effortlessly check the timing of spa service and book a slot according to their convenience.

- Laundry Requests

Displaying services helps the guest to know about the hotel deliverables and guests will order the laundry service with a click and enjoy their time and stay at the hotel.

- Display of Upcoming Events

Viewing the upcoming events at the hotel, the guests will pre-plan their next stay at the hotel and come back again to enjoy the event, as well as the latest features and trends.

- Requesting Cab Service

By displaying the nearby places to visit, guests will eventually request a cab after they watch it. This will provide 2X the income from a single feature.

- Deliver Quality Content

Entertainment is a want of every guest. Now with the latest trends and technology include the latest IPTV channels and OTT platforms in your hotel and deliver high-quality content to your guests. Streams all new movies and shows to your guests as per their requirements.

As today's generation is completely attached to technology, 70% of the travelers are millennials and genZ. They find the new trends amazing and want to experience them. This is a great opportunity for the hotel industry to adapt to the trends and deliver their guests a wonderful experience.

The advantages of having these trends in hotels are,

  • Hotels can scale up their revenue.

  • Saves hotel staff time and minimizes workload.

  • The display of the video food menu helps increase sales.

  • Erases communication on telephones.

  • Hotel staff will get time to deliver the best service to guests.

  • Deliver seamless entertainment to guests.

  • Multiple services increase multiple ways for income.

  • Hotel amenities are featured and promoted.

  • Happy guests recommend the hotel to their family and friends.

  • Word-of-mouth marketing is effective.


With advanced technology and trends, upgrading with time is the most important task for the hotel industry. Without having the latest features, the hotel will face difficulty meeting and understanding the guest's needs. As the guests come to spend their leisure time, hotels must provide hassle-free services. Providing traditional service hotels tend to lose their guests.

Now is the right time to switch to the latest hospitality solution.

Hepi - Infotainment is a perfect solution designed to meet all the needs and requirements of the guests along with the hotel. It delivers all the demands of the guest with a single command.

Make your guests happy with hepi.

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