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How Hospitality Technology Solutions Can Increase Point of Sales in the Hospitality Industry

Updated: May 17, 2023

Increase Point of Sales with Hospitality Technology.

Hospitality Technology Solution (IaaS) Hospitality Technology Solution (IaaS) is cloud-based software that streamlines processes in hospitality and allows multiple departments to manage their tasks efficiently. By implementing a hospitality technology solution in your hotel, you can better manage your guests, increase sales from in-room channels, and stay ahead of the competition. Using IaaS will enable you to keep up with the latest trends and technology so you can manage your guest experience in a way that best suits your hotel.

Infrastructure as a Software (IaaS) allows hotels to perform all of their daily tasks at one location. They can save time and money, so they focus on the things that matter most, providing their guests with an excellent experience. A hotel using a hospitality technology solution can increase its online revenue by 135%, reduce guest complaints by 71%, and improve customer service ratings by 19%. Point of Sale (POS) So how do you get customers’ attention? The Point-of-Sale system on the cloud is an invaluable tool for any hotel so they can amplify their F&B spending growth. A survey suggested that 73% of restaurant-goers say technology improves the dining experience. The POS on the cloud system helps with sales tracking, inventory management, customer loyalty programs, and more. If you’re interested in using Hospitality Technology Solution (IaaS) to enhance the Point of Sale (POS) experience, then you are in the right place. The hospitality technology solution as IaaS will dramatically enhance your POS on cloud experience in the hospitality industry. Technology doesn’t mean that customer experiences are only online and through devices such as check-ins and online reviews. These experiences need to be an integrated, dynamic system so that the guests’ experiences are at the forefront of the marketing and operational team’s mind. Hepi is an Infrastructure as a Software (IaaS) on the cloud hospitality technology solution, that can streamline operations and service by offering a centralized level of control, comprehensive customer data management capabilities, and advanced tools for enriching the guest experience and increasing occupancy. Hepi Hotels’ is a cloud-based video-based solution for hospitality, designed to enhance the guest experience, boost ROI and revenue growth, and reduce costs. It enables functionalities like IPTV, video based food menus, and amenities that encourage sales. Additionally, its automation of processes reduces labor costs and administrative paperwork for players in the hospitality sector. Hepi can turn an in-room TV into the central hub for guest services and activities, transforming the guest experience (see above). Hotels can segment their guests by taste and preference to offer vouchers or verify purchases using keywords. Guests may book and purchase show tickets, food items, or laundry services with a few clicks from their room TV. Conclusion The implementation of a Hospitality Technology Solution (IaaS) on the cloud in a hotel can be very helpful in boosting Point-of-Sale (POS) for hotels. By improving services provided to its guests across the board, it can effectively save time and money. In the conclusion, by employing its solution to the fullest, HEPI will help facilitate the creation of an enhanced service standard, strengthening hotel success.

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