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IPTV for Hospitality Industry

Updated: May 17, 2023

Deliver your Guest the Best Infotainment in-room

Every hospitality business wants to offer their guests an unforgettable experience by making sure they have the best service available during their stay. Through investing and implementing in the latest technology, accommodation can retain customers longer and make them more satisfied with their experiences. To ensure that hotel guests enjoy a high-quality stay, IPTV can be used to offer them a comprehensive selection of infotainment content. Through this technology, guests have the flexibility to access movies and TV shows on demand as per their preferences.

What is IPTV?

Internet-based Protocol Television (IPTV) is a system used to deliver TV shows, videos, and other entertainment media to users over an internet connection. This technology allows for streaming content in real time, or on demand, making it an ideal solution for the hospitality industry. Infynect offers the best IPTV hospitality solutions available to ensure customers have access to quality entertainment.

IPTV in Hospitality Industry

At hotels, IPTV helps deliver a superior guest experience by providing best infotainment. With this IPTV also gives greater control of what is being shown on TV in-rooms and allows your guests to watch their favorite movies and shows without having to worry about the scheduling of broadcast TV. They can browse and watch the latest on-demand movies and premium TV channels at their convenience. This allows guests to remain in the comfort of their stay and enjoy more quality content. Hotels can also provide foreign guests with access to channels and content that match their needs and preferences. This customize-able channel list allows hoteliers to tailor the offerings for their guests for an optimal viewing experience. Hotels using IPTV will be able to offer superior accommodation service.

The use of technology in hotels can offer a multitude of benefits to guests, staff, and the hotel itself. Guests no longer have to wait to be served at the front desk. Along with IPTV, hotels can provide quick services to guests and it serves as an avenue for hotels to advertise their facilities and services by utilizing their in-room TVs for promotional purposes and to attain more benefits. Hepi is sure to provide a great benefit to everyone involved.

Increase Hotel Revenue

For accommodation businesses looking to grow their revenue, IPTV can be a great additional source. Not only can you offer content as an upsell, but you can also provide enhanced entertainment and recreational experiences. Guest can easily book services such as spas, laundries, gym, conference halls and more, with just a few clicks on the TV. Furthermore, hotels can use IPTV to provide welcome messages to their guests and deliver notifications and special instructions on among other things. Guests can browse the amenities available to them like food menu, nearby tourist attractions, bill details, and track orders.

By leveraging these features and services that come with IPTV , hospitality businesses are provided with the opportunity to increase average earnings per booking and better engage with guests for improved retention rates.

These features will not only bring in more revenue for the business but also increase customer satisfaction.

Providing IPTV services to a business with a hospitality focus is an excellent way to create better and comfortable stay for guest. It allows guests to access a wide range of infotainment, such as TV shows of their choice, nearby tourist places, food menu. IPTV offers an enjoyable and delightfully different experience for guests that will certainly benefit hotel businesses and significantly increase content engagement and business revenue.

With Infynect’s IPTV solutions, hotels can guarantee their guests a pleasurable experience with minimal interruption.

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